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Here Comes the Gala of the Year

The GreenTec Awards on May 12, 2017 in Berlin

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What We Do

In 2008 in the heart of Berlin we developed the idea to gain more public attention for projects that are committed to the protection of resources and our environment. Within 10 years the GreenTec Awards have developed themselves into one of the most important environmental awards worldwide. The GreenTec Awards aim at initiatives, private persons, start-ups, and medium-sized, as well as big companies that support a Green Lifestyle. Together with over 120 partners we award and connect people with visions in order to bring forward the integration of sustainability in our daily life.

Gründer Greentec

Marco Voigt, Sven Krüger (GreenTec Awards)

What prominent guests say about us

The GreenTec Awards are supported by prominent guests who are committed to a green lifestyle. They can sensitize not only their own fans but the general public to environmental issues.

Zitat Rea Garvey
Zitat Nena
Zitat Thomas D.
Zitat Desiree Nosbusch
Zitat The Boss Hoss
The first laureates 2017

We would like to congratulate the first winners of the GreenTec Awards 2017: Thriving Green in the category Lifestyle, iQ Power Licensing AG in the category Mobility by Schaeffler, Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. in the category Travel and the student research center Nordhessen in the category WWF Galileo Green Youngster. All winners will be awarded on May 12 during the glamorous gala in Berlin. Until then you can already discover the Top 3 of all categories.

Thriving Green – Power to Grow
(Preisträger 2017, Kategorie Lifestyle)

Thriving Green has developed a solution in order to counteract the malnutrition in Kenya: the mircoorganism Spirulina. The mircoalgae, also known as superfood, is highly nutritional, fast growing and can be easily cultivated under extreme conditions. Therefore the project offers help for self-help.
Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. – Recovering Energy from Cruise Ship Waste
(Winner 2017, Category: Travel)

Cruise ships generate large amounts of solid waste. Terragon’s MAGS (Micro Auto Gasification) is a novel energy appliance fueled by waste, providing cruise ships with exceptionally clean operation, improved safety, energy efficiency and recovery and reduced savings. The technology is already implemented on two luxury cruise ships traveling to environmentally sensitive areas.
Student Research Center Nordhessen – Influence of Cell Phone Radiation on Global Decline in Population of Honeybees
(Winner 2017, Category: WWF Galileo Green Youngster)

In order to discover the influence of cell phone radiation on the global decline in the popultion of honeybees the students of the student research center Nordhessen examine a hive with an infra-red camera and their own light-sensor-system. They messure factors such as temperature, noise production and movement of the bees before and during the use of a cell phone.
iQ Power Licensing AG – Double Life Time of Car Batteries (Winner 2017, Category: Mobility by Schaeffler)
The advanced technology of the Swiss company iQ Power Licensing AG achieves double service life at high cycle numbers for car batteries with integrated electrolyte mixing. Advantages: half of the CO2 emissions thanks to double product life and 50 percent less recycling volume.
A selection of the laureates

The award ceremony of the GreenTec Awards takes place once a year and has shown good sense for identifying future-orientated ideas since its foundation in 2008: We honored Elon Musk by Tesla when the majority was still mistaking it for a formula. Or Car2Go – back then the concept was still critically questioned – nowadays the development of Car2Go speaks for itself. Another laureate on stage was Morten Harket – to the majority primarily known as the lead singer of the band a-ha – but who is actually also highly committed to the environment in his home country Norway. We had the pleasure to support the electrical training airplane by Airbus – a pioneer in the field of electric flying. Currently on stage was the water backpack “Paul” that provides clean drinking water in Third World countries and crisis regions as humanitarian aid. Each project is unique in its kind. Explore a small selection of extraordinary projects of the last years.

BMW i8: From impossible to path-breaking
(Winner 2015, Category: Communication)

The BMW i8 is extraordinary in both its appearance and its creation process. Director Gus Van Sant individually stages the three movies of the launch campaign – an homage to the technological pioneering spirit breaking new ground. GreenTec for your mobility.
Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH/Fraunhofer IME, project RUBIN
(Winner of 2014, Category automobility)

RUBIN researches Russian dandelion and the development of car tire prototypes based on dandelion rubber. Dandelion is not suitable for food production and only needs one growth period until harvest. Dandelion might revolutionize the tire production and makes it more environmentally friendly. GreenTec for the street.
LichtBlick SE, Strom09 – Volle Pulle Zukunft with BVB
(Winner of 2014, Category: Communication)
25,000 tons less CO2 emission per year - that is the common goal of BVB and LichtBlick. The climate is relieved by the use of green power in the stadium as well as the choice of BVB to switch to Strom09. A CO2 ticker shows the process of the project on a screen in the stadium and on GreenTec for soccer fans.
SOLVIS GmbH & Co. / Miele & Cie. KG, tumble dryer powered by solar energy
(Winner of 2013, Category Construction & Living)
Free solar energy that can be used directly to dry laundry is a novelty. The biggest energy consumer of a household is definitely the tumble dryer. The Miele solar dryer saves over 50 percent of energy. GreenTec for your home.
Joulia SA, shower tray
(Winner 2012, Category Youngster)

The team of Joulia SA from Switzerland convinced in the category Youngster. Joulia uses the thermal energy of the flowing water to preheat the fresh cold water. Therefore up to 44 percent less hot water is needed to shower with the same temperature. GreenTec for your home.
car2go GmbH, car2go – A new Dimension of Car Sharing
(Winner of 2010, Category Mobility)

car2go defines car sharing in a new way and gives the opportunity to use a rental car spontaneously. There are no fixed parking spots, no membership fees, no minimum rental period and no deposit. The service is paid per minute. GreenTec for your mobility.
SkySails GmbH. SkySails wind power systems
(Winner of 2008, Category: Technology)

Wind is the cheapest, most powerful, and greenest source of energy on the high seas. With SkySails, modern cargo ships can use the wind as a source of power - not only to lower fuel costs, but significantly reduce emission levels as well. GreenTec for Energy.

Download Icon Winners and Nominees
of the last 10 years

The Gala

In 2017 we will be celebrating the achievement of our 10th anniversary. Enjoy the glamorous gala in ewerk in Berlin either live or via broadcast on ProSieben. As ever the gala is naturally organized as a Green Event, with 100 journalists and supported by about 100 celebrities.

Gala Gala Gala Gala
Gala Gala Gala Gala Gala
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The Jury

An interdisciplinary jury decides about the nominees and winners of the GreenTec Awards. With over 70 members the jury is composed of independent representatives from the economy, science, associations, and the media. Three projects in each category are nominated, two are being chosen by the jury and one by a public Online-Voting. The annual jury conference took place on February 22, 2017 in the Canadian Embassy. The laureates were selected by a secret election and will be honored at the gala on May 12, 2017 in Berlin.

Die Jury

Der Jury gehören an: Prof. Dr. Carsten Agert Director of the institute , EWE-Forschungszentrum NEXT ENERGY; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Bauer Head of the institute , Fraunhofer IAO and IAT Universität Stuttgart; Dirk Baur Managing Director , Universal Music International; Dr. Markus Beukenberg CTO , WILO SE; Wilfried Bolz Managing Director , OKAL Haus GmbH; Dr.-Ing. Klaus Bonhoff Managing Director , NOW GmbH – National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology; Béatrice Bracklo Director Corporate Communications Germany, Austria, Switzerland , Boeing Deutschland GmbH; Michael Bültmann Managing Director , HERE Deutschland GmbH; Christoph Burger Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education and Senior Lecturer , European School of Management and Technology, Berlin; Richard Clemens Managing Director , VDMA, German Engineering Federation; Dr. Joachim Damasky Managing Director , German Association of the Automotive Industry; Jonathan Dogterom Managing Director , Cleantech and Physical Sciences Venture Services; Elke Eckstein Chief Operating Officer , Weidmüller Gruppe; Nina Eichinger Presenter, Actress ; Till F. Esser Director of Institutional Relations Central Europe , NH Hotel Group; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Faulstich Chairman , German Advisory Council on the Environment; Frederik Fichtner Managing Editor in Chief Galileo , ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE; Norbert Fiebig President , DRV - German Travel Association; Dr. Corinna Franke-Wöller Managing Director , Agency for Business and Development; Dr.-Ing. Stefan Franzke CEO , Berlin Partner for Business and Technology;

mehr laden

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The Application

The application period für the competition 2017 has ended. Since January 23, 2017 you can discover the TOP3 of each category here. The jury decided on the laureates in a secret election who will be honored at the gala on May 12, 2017.


Application: Companies, organizations or private persons can apply by using the online form. All applications are being collected, checked with regard to formal criteria (completeness) and confirmed by the organizer. The application phase ended on September 15, 2016.


TOP 10: The patrons of each category, together with WWF and TÜV NORD, check the substantive criteria as well as the allocation of the projects to the categories. They determine the best 10-15 projects of each category, which are being presented in the Online-Voting and the jury voting on our website. Apart from qualitative criteria a representative selection of projects is also wanted. All TOP 10 applicants will be presented online on November 15, 2016.


3 Nominees: In total 3 projects will be nominated in each category – two by an independent jury and a third one by the public onlinevoting. Questions from the jury about particular projects will be passed on to the applicants. Furthermore you can discover the TOP 3 of the other categories.


Jury Meeting: The jury will exclusively select the winner out of the three nominees in each category. All nominees will be presented, discussed and evaluated at the jury meeting. The jury meeting will take place on February 22, 2017.


Award Ceremony: The laureates will be honored at the GreenTec Awards gala. Not all categories will be presented on stage. The award ceremony will take place on May 12, 2017 in Berlin.

The Categories

By September 15, you could apply for the GreenTec Awards 2017 in the following categories: Communication, Construction & Living, Energy, Galileo Wissenspreis, Lifestyle, Mobility by Schaeffler, Recycling & Resources by Veolia, Special Prize WWF Galileo Green Youngster Award, Sports by Jack Wolfskin, Sustainable Development, Textiles & Fashion by KUNERT and Travel . Companies that are younger than three years will automatically apply for the additional category Start-up. Private persons could apply for the categories Galileo Wissenspreis and WWF Galileo Green Youngster Award without paying the administration fee. Applicants for the Youngster Award must be between 14 and 18 years old. Moreover, we reward committed artists from the music industry by presenting the Special Prize Music. The GreenTec Awards have a partnerland for the first time: Canada. We are glad to award Canadian projects that are committed to the environment in the category Special Prize Canada.

Recycling & Resources by Veolia
(Patron: BDE - Federation of the German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management Industry)

Recycling is the oldest environmental technology. However, due to scarcity of resources and climate change it is also more important than ever before. Innovative recycling deals with new questions: How can valuable waste be converted into secondary raw materials as completely as possible? How can considerations for a product’s potential secondary use be implemented in the product’s design phase as early as possible? How can valuable yet hardly separable raw materials, such as rare soils, be recovered completely? How can new concepts such as urban mining and upcycling be advanced?

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the project contribute to environmental protection? Both the future potential and the results achieved to date will be assessed.
  • • How innovative is the idea? Is the idea realistically feasible? Which improvements in recycling will be achieved?
  • • Which value do the recycled and thus re-usable materials have?
  • • Is the idea a potential trendsetter and does it have a positive image?
(Patron: Serviceplan)

Communication is the key to success. This is true for almost every product and aspired change. Especially when it comes to green technologies and innovative solutions related to environmental protection, institutions and makers are sought to help with creative communication in order to make green projects (more) successful. The prize will be awarded to brand and/or advertising campaigns as well as to editorial articles in print, radio and TV.

Jury criteria:

  • • Does the campaign encourage others to contribute to environmental protection?
  • • Does the communication initiative change or facilitate the understanding of technology and the environment?
  • • Does it present the benefits of an environmental technology or an environmentally friendly product convincingly?
  • • How efficiently and effectively does the campaign reach its target groups? Are clippings available? Is there proof of scope?
Construction & Living
(Patron: GdW - Federal association of German housing and real estate enterprise registered associations)

The path from an average house to an energetic smart home is long and the inertia of the construction industry is big. We are looking for innovative, ecological and resource saving projects in the construction and housing sector. Applications in both the industrial and private sector are being considered. Whether a project is about innovative materials and construction methods, architectural concepts and concrete designs, building services, interior design, issues of restoration or even ecological demolition, we look forward to diverse applications.

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the project contribute to environmental protection? Both the future potential and the results achieved to date are taken into account.
  • • Does the project succeed in combining technology, construction and the environment?
  • • How innovative is the idea? Do function and aesthetics match? Is the quality of living increased?
  • • Is the project’s topic having an effect on the public? Could it serve as a flagship project?
(Patron: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)

The mammoth project “energy transition” is more and more taking shape, yet many questions remain unanswered. We are looking for approaches to using or producing energy more efficiently, for projects with greater application potential and for increased innovation. This includes energy production and its transfer, efficiency increase, storage, fuel, decentralized solutions and everything in between. Target groups of these innovations can be both households and businesses.

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the project contribute to environmental protection? Both the future potential and the results achieved to date are assessed
  • • What is the project’s degree of innovation and its potential contribution to the future energy supply? Can the idea be realistically implemented? Is it, for example, compatible with existing structures?
  • • Is or will the idea be a driver of the energy transition?
  • • Does the project support a change in customer behavior?
  • • Does the idea have the potential for broad media coverage?
Galileo Wissenspreis
(Patron: ProSieben)

The Galileo Wissenspreis recognizes inventions and initiatives that make living in our environment more harmonious and help protecting the environment. Here, we focus on inventions and ideas for a more sustainable and greener lifestyle and look out especially for the connection of everyday life, commitment and technology. Applications are open to all those with an idea that can increase, promote or revolutionize environmental awareness in our daily life. The Galileo Wissenspreis is endowed with 5,000 Euros.

Jury criteria:

  • • The invention is novel or combines already existing elements to create something new.
  • • The idea helps to protect the environment in everyday life.
  • • Technology plays a role in the invention.
  • • The invention has already achieved first successes or offers a clear proposal of how it could change the future.
(Patron: Markenverband e.V.)

Trends determine our daily life. They express changes and tendencies in our society, which also applies to business and technologies. We are looking for ideas, products, and new concepts concerning lifestyle from all kinds of areas: consumption, cosmetics, leisure, exercise, health and nutrition – the range is large. The GreenTec Awards honor environmentally friendly concepts and services that adhere to the above-average economical use of resources, recyclability and product cycles.

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the project contribute to environmental protection?
  • • What degree of innovation does the project exhibit, how does it differ from known approaches?
  • • Is the idea a potential trendsetter? Are there first ambassadors?
  • • Is there a link to technology (optional)?
Mobility by Schaeffler
(Patron: VDA - German Association of the Automotive Industry)

Environmental awareness and mobility have been at the center of attention for years. The global degree of mobility is continuously increasing, resources are scarce and emissions like pollution and noise can be reduced significantly nowadays. In the category Mobility, the GreenTec Awards honor technological innovations (such as weight savings, consumption optimization, life cycle extension, production, materials), eco-friendly mobility concepts and mobility services concerning automobiles and motorcycles.

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the idea contribute to environmental protection? Both the future potential and the results achieved to date are taken into account.
  • • How innovative is the idea?
  • • Is the idea an ambassador for the conservation of resources?
Special Prize WWF Galileo Green Youngster Award
(Patron: WWF Germany & ProSieben)

In cooperation with the WWF Germany (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Galileo (ProSieben), the GreenTec Awards 2017 will present a youth special award. It is addressed at bright young minds that are highly committed to environmental protection. Based on the principle of "shaping the future oneself", the WWF Galileo Green Youngster Award honors pioneering projects for environmental protection and conservation. Applications are open to young people between the age of 14 and 18 (at the time of application). The winner will be determined directly and exclusively through our Online-Voting – it is thus an exclusive audience award.


  • • Does the project conserve nature and the environment?
  • • How innovative are the ideas and projects?
  • • Is the project related to technology (optional)?
  • • Does the project function as a role model? What public impact may the idea have?
  • • How independently is the project implemented by the applicant(s)?
Sports by Jack Wolfskin
(Patron: ran)

Sport belongs to us. With sports we give ourselves and our bodies a treat. The concept of combining physical fitness and the environment, effectively enlarging the positive effects, seems natural. The enthusiasm for top-class sports and the popularity of athletes can support spreading sustainability issues. We are looking for creative concepts, ideas and projects that don’t focus merely on the enjoyment of sports but simultaneously promote and contribute to environmental protection. We welcome submissions ranging from sports equipment, venues, operators, and concepts as well as initiatives from both mass sports and elite athletes that aim at protecting the environment.

Jury criteria:

  • • How does the project contribute to environmental protection?
  • • Does the project promote a more active lifestyle?
  • • How innovative is the project, how does it differ from known approaches?
  • • Does the idea have true trend potential? Are there first ambassadors?
Sustainable Development
(Patron: AWE - Agency for Economy and Development)

Climate change, natural disasters or epidemics are global challenges which can only be tackled by international cooperation and innovative solution approaches. In this framework, the involvement of the business community is a crucial factor. We are looking for projects which help to improve the quality of life and anchor climate protection on site and which create perspectives for the people. The corporate collaboration should offer solution approaches, convince economically and contribute to an improvement of the ecological conditions on site.

Jury criteria:

  • • Does the project offer an innovative solution approach?
  • • To what extent the project promotes the local value creation?
  • • Does the project contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden, especially to the improvement of climate protection?
  • • Is the project feasible in a realistic, sensible and sustainable way in several relevant world regions?
  • • Does the project include help for self-help? How do established value chains look like?
Textiles & Fashion by KUNERT
(Patron: Texpertise Network)

Fashion shapes our everyday lives. Clothes are an expression of individuality and lifestyle. Sustainable fashion has moved into the center of our society. The objective of this category is to combine consciousness and high quality fashion. KUNERT has worked with textiles for more than 100 years, and is a pioneer in ecology and sustainability at least since the 90s. The award will go to textiles, textile trends, innovative materials and raw materials as well as production processes that make a lasting contribution to environmental protection. We are looking for inspiration for more sustainability in the clothing industry.

Jury criteria:

  • • Is the product a textile or can the proposed innovation produce textiles?
  • • How innovative is the project, how does it differ from known approaches?
  • • Does the project contribute to environmental protection in a sustainable manner?
  • • Does the idea have true trend potential? Is it commercially and (in perspective) economically viable?
(Patron: DRV - German Travel Association)

Tourism revenues are soaring all over the world. Tourism contributes to a cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. Although it is often connected to environmental stress and pollution, tourism also conveys values such as the preservation of nature and the supply of regional jobs. Sustainable tourism is embedded in the conditions of each holiday destination and increases the value of travel experience.

Jury criteria:

  • • Does the project contribute to environmental protection and conservation?
  • • Does the project stand out from other tourism offers in the region?
  • • Does the project not only forego activities but finds alternative concepts for the exploration of tourist destinations? Do these concepts have a positive impact on the region?
  • • Are both travelers and the local population involved in the concept?
Special Prize Start-up
(Patron: Berlin Partner, KPMG)

In 2017, the GreenTec Awards once again honor start-ups in a special category, addressing young companies and initiatives with a relation to technology. The aim of the prize is to encourage entrepreneurship, to promote promising start-ups that contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation, and last but not least to significantly support the winner within one year and measurably advance his projects. Applications from companies that are younger than three years will additionally and automatically qualify for the Start-up Special Prize.

Jury criteria:

  • • How big is the project’s potential for making a significant contribution to environmental or resource conservation?
  • • How innovative is the basic technology or service?
  • • Is the start-up a good example for environmental responsibility in both the new and old economy?
  • • Does the balance between ecology and economy succeed?
  • • How big is the founder’s commitment?
  • • Also considered: the possibility of the GreenTec Awards network partners to support the start-up.
Special Prize Music
(Patron: Universal Music Group)

The award in the category Music is awarded to artists of the music and entertainment industry who are involved in environmental protection and raise awareness among their fans and the public. Musicians set trends and can be role models due to their behavior. With their music they can sensitize their audience emotionally and encourage environmental commitment. Regardless of the selection process in the other categories, the winner of the Special Prize Music will be determined by the GreenTec Awards in exclusive cooperation with the Universal Music Group.

Special Prize Canada

Canada, the partnerland of the GreenTec Awards, awards a Special Prize in 2017. Canadian projects that contribute to the protection of our environment are being awarded. The wealth of environmental resources is accompanied by ecological challenges. The Canadian Government meets these challenges with responsibility regarding a new climate protection agreement.

Jury criteria:

  • • Does the project contribute to the protection of our environment?
  • • How innovative is the idea?
  • • Is the project developed by a Canadian company?
  • • Is the idea a potential trendsetter?
  • • Does it have a relation to technology?
What else we do

Together with the Awards two further projects complement the Green Family: Green Window, the up-and-coming online marketplace for green products, and NewsGreen, the online news portal for international sustainable news. That’s how to enjoy a green lifestyle!

Green Window

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